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Les has been photographing for more than fifty-five years, observing changes in photography that were unthinkable when he first started as a boy. On his photographic path, Les has been privileged to work with some of the finest photographers. Yet one question kept cropping up as he progressed as a professional. Were there power behaviors that most great photographers exhibited that he could use to improve his own art?

For the past thirty years Les has worked with, researched and read about some of the most iconic names in photography, people like Matthew Brady, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Dorothea Lange, Edward Weston, Galen Rowell and many others. His academic training made him constantly search for the formula that allowed these greats to reach the pinnacle of their art. After years of work, Les finally pieced together the puzzle, which he shares with readers in "Shun Your Photography: Lessons From 50 Years in the Field."

Using his own images to illustrate these six behaviors, serious readers will now have a yardstick with which to measure their own development as photographers. Of course there is no one way to success, but these six behaviors are so simple, so available to everyone, they will unlock the creative potential in every reader who puts them into practice.

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SHUN Your Photography [ $4.99 ]
SHUN Your Photography

A time-tested approach to mastering your photography.