Artistic Composition $9.99

For both fine artists and photographers, few things are as important as the notion of composition. Yes, the media are quite different, but to produce great works of art, good composition is essential.

In Artistic Composition, Les pairs up with well known and successful Canadian artist Ed Hill to produce a work that stands out from the same-old-same-old. Based on the concept of mindful art, Les and Ed hold a conversation on these pages about what solid composition means, how it is applied to both media and what each type of artist can learn from the other. The essentials of composition are part of a weekend workshop that Les and Ed teach on the strikingly beautiful Canadian west coast.

Fine artists will appreciate the points of view of photographic artists, which will inform their own art. Photographers will learn a new mindset that will give them new perspectives and sensitize them to the mechanics of creating artistic images.

In 76 pages heavily illustrated with Ed's and Les' art and with practical tips, readers will come away with a new appreciation of composition and many new skills taught by two masters of their respective crafts.

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Artistic Composition [ $9.99 ]
Artistic Composition

Advice for fine art painters and photographers on improving composition.